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    We’re pleased to announce that we have a new press release which is currently circulating Google News and being syndicated and, hopefully, picked up by the press as we speak. Check it out here:


    We’re a dental marketing company but dental practices may also benefit from press releases.  They can be the cornerstone of any good SEO and digital marketing campaign.  SEO is said to provide one of the very best returns on investment in terms of allocating your marketing budget but we tend to find that lots of businesses would prefer to spend vast proportions of their marketing budgets on traditional marketing rather than the £110 – £200 + VAT + researching, writing and proof reading the release itself.  This surprises me because an advert in the local paper can cost £70 as a guide.  Some cost more, some cost less depending on your newspaper itself and the size and type of the advertisement.  Don’t forget that you don’t usually just go in the newspaper once or you won’t make an impression.  You, of course, must measure the results and many forms of marketing and business in general is subject is an element of risk.  It isn’t about what is cheapest though, it’s about getting value for your money and allocating your marketing budget intelligently.  Remember to test, test, test.  Then just rinse and repeat.

    I seem to have digressed a little there and gone into the ins and outs of press release in general and the benefits of them with a contrast with newspaper adverts but not to worry.  So the focus of our recent press release was on Dentists Barnsley and Dentists Essex, this website (Dental Websites) and our Dental Directory.  We also touched upon our main offerings including rent-a-website, local dentist websites advertising space, online promotional video production for dentists, SEO for dentists, email marketing and social media marketing.  They say social media can be the modern equivalent of word of mouth.  I wasn’t convinced before until I started to see people asking on their wall (people who they might not usually talk to everyday or think to ring for advice but people they know) about local services that people recommend.  From dentists to takeaways.  I’m going out tonight, anyone recommend a good pizza place? Who knows a good dentist? When these questions are asked then lots of friends will pop up and reply to a wall post, assuming someone has lots of friends on their wall who are regular Facebook users.  But it doesn’t end there.  There are various location specific groups where you can post questions and you may receive replies.  People want to be seen to be helping.  Altruistic behaviour makes them feel good so they will help.  Plus their reputation is on the line for all to see if they make a poor recommendation.


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