• Top 10 Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs a Website

    If you’re not already aware, we’re Dental-Websites.net, headed by expert web developer and SEO genius Michael Greenwood.  Here’s our top 10 reasons why your dental practice needs a website:

    1. Accessibility – Your phone lines may only be open certain hours and, additionally, you may have an emergency 24 hours dental service.  But do you really want your phone lines blocked up with enquiries and information which could be dealt with online.  Also, if you don’t have a website then your potentials patients may go elsewhere (i.e. your competitors) for the information that they seek.
    2. Appearances – Your website will become an extension of your business.  You can show your prospective patients what your dental practice is like before they even set foot through your doors.  Put photographs of your dental practice and your staff to show off your dental practice.  Do you think doing this will give you that edge over your competition? We do!
    3. Lead generation / new patients – It stands to reason that if you didn’t have a website then you would have much less chance than your competitors in seeking new online leads.  Yes there is Facebook, Twitter and other online channels to promote your dental practice, not to mention Google Plus Pages and Google My Business but a website is a tried and trusted channel for generating fresh new enquiries from people who require a fresh new smile!
    4. Referrals / word of mouth – a dental practice website can provide a fantastic way of facilitating word of mouth.  Imagine a patient of yours wants to shout about how good your dental services are.  If they have your web address to work with and share across social media channels like Facebook and Twitter then this is easier to do than if you didn’t have a website in the first place.
    5. Contact details – If a patient knows your dental practice name and where you are located geographically but can’t remember your phone number then they’ll usually Google you and find your website address.
    6. Location – without a map of the location of your dental practice how else can someone find directions to you? They can Google for your address and then retrieve your postcode but it’s much easier if all of this information is just right there on your website.
    7. Feedback – If you’re proactive in improving your dental practice and really like to listen to what your patients want then a website feedback form can facilitate in gaining insight into what your patients really need.
    8. Personal touch – Unless you use a “cookie cutter” type website builder to build your own website which we wouldn’t recommend, your web designer can help to conceive a website which incorporates your personal touch.
    9. Further information – On a website you can provide information and guidance which really does enrich your patients’ lives.  Think about information that your patients may miss whilst they are awaiting treatment.  Go on, be creative!
    10. Competitive edge – Ultimately, most of your competitors have websites and many of them have good looking, easy to use and mobile responsive websites.  How can a dental practice really afford to be without a website?

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