• Why Dental Websites Absolutely Must be Mobile Friendly and Mobile Responsive Design is the Best Solution For This

    Over the weekend, we audited no less than 1000 UK dental websites and no less than 76% of these or 760 dental websites that we appraised were NOT mobile friendly.  An even more worrying fact is that a high proportion of the cross-section of websites that we looked at were actively looking for new clients and spending money in doing so.  Due to this, we’re now on a mission.  Our mission is to inform and educate these dental practice owners that their websites are non user friendly on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

    If you’re a practice owner and/or decision maker and are wondering if your website is mobile friendly just take it straight from the horse’s mouth…ask Google.  How? Well, those kind folks at Google have developed and put live an handy tool which will give you a result about the “mobile friendliness” of your website.  Click here to find out whether your website is mobile friendly.  It only takes about 10 seconds.

    If your dental practice isn’t currently taking on new patients then it’s still important that you ensure that your website is mobile friendly.  If it isn’t then our mobile responsive website service costs just £1250 and £50 per month so you no longer need to worry about whether your website is mobile friendly or not.  We’ll make it mobile friendly for you.  You can just rest assured that your patients will have a great user experience, no matter what the device that they use to navigate your website.

    Why should you care about whether your website is mobile friendly or not?  Well, if you’ve ever used your mobile phone to find a website and started to browse but found that you have to keep zooming in and out of the website then you’ll understand the frustration of navigating (or attempting to navigate) a website which doesn’t “respond” to mobile devices.

    The solution is Dental-Websites.net

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